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Safe and precise window and glass lifter

Window lifters from Smartlift enhance precise installation of windows and glass and employee safety on construction sites worldwide. Explore our selection of window lifters and learn more about the tasks and projects Smartlift can help you achieve.

Reliable for heavy lifting

Glass and window installation

With a Smartlift on your team, you can work faster and safer. Minimize the risk of accidents during heavy lifting and work more efficient at the same time - both indoors and outdoors.

Our window and glass lifters assist with the heavy lifting and the user-friendly navigation help the employee avoid awkward and strenuous lifts. When you work outside on the construction site, the window lifter moves the object safely and efficiently regardless of terrain.

You'll notice the difference in workload with a Smartlift. It reduces physical strain and streamlines tasks, allowing you to accomplish more in less time. Smartlift is an excellent choice when you want to ensure high-quality installation and precision without wearing out your employees.

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Working with Smartlift glass lifting equipment

Precision work without heavy lifting

Installation of glass and windows indoors and outdoors

Reduce the amount of heavy lifting, save valuable time, and avoid work-related injuries with a window and glass lifter from Smartlift. A Smartlift utilizes vacuum technology to assist with heavy lifts on the job site. Often, these lifters are used for windows and glass, but we also assist with safe installation of granite, marble, steel, and much more.

With a Smartlift, it's possible to install windows from the inside in high-rise buildings and larger structures with minimal use of cranes, lifts, etc. Smartlift can angle the window safely through the window opening, with the remote control you fine-tune the placement, and then complete the installation. On to the next window. That's efficient!

Charge your Smartlift overnight. Then it's your reliable partner for 8-10 hours the next day. Safe, stable, and easy to operate.

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The advantages of having a Smartlift

Easy and efficient

Window installation from the inside

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Reduces the number of accidents

Losing a window or a large glass panel can be costly. Window lifters from Smartlift have vacuum technology that ensures your materials are under control throughout the installation.

An investment in the company and the environment

With a Smartlift, you avoid exhaust fumes at the workplace – both indoors and outdoors. All our models are electric, which is good for both the environment and the employees.

Easy to use

The user-friendly window lifters make it easy to train both existing and new employees, so they can quickly get assistance with heavy lifts during installation work.

A signal of quality

When you invest in environmentally friendly machines that make work easier for your employees, you send a signal that your company is dedicated to quality-conscious decisions.

One machine – Many functions

A Smartlift with vacuum technology can be used not only for windows and glass but also for stone and metal. Install large granite tiles, marble countertops, and heavy power rails with a Smartlift.

A long-term investment

A window lifter from Smartlift is an investment in your projects, employees, and the reputation of your company. From an economic perspective, your Smartlift can save an employee and thus has a payback period of as little as 7 months.

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Find the window and glass lifter which suits the needs of your company. In our product range, you'll find a wide variety of models with reliable vacuum technology, each designed to ease the work. Customize the individual models with the desired additional equipment and get a total price – completely non-binding.

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