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Multi lifters for production and industry

Smartlift Multi Lifters are a series of self-propelled electric lifters for industry, production, logistics, and much more. Built on a versatile platform with various tools, they can be used in a wide range of industries to lift, move, turn, grasp, transport, etc., with different tools depending on the task.

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User-friendly multi lifter for industrial purposes

When you buy a multi lifter, you get a compact and self-propelled "colleague" that can lift between 200 and 600 kg (440 to 1320 lbs). The many applications make it capable of lifting, moving, turning, grasping, and transporting units that are too heavy for an employee.

The various tools are easy to change, allowing you to quickly switch between tasks. It is Danish-designed and produced based on the demand from our customers, ensuring a user-friendly machine of high quality.

Smartlift multi lifters run on batteries and provide a healthier work environment without heavy lifting. Its compact design and maneuverability make it suitable for places where space is limited.

Take care of your employees by investing in a new colleague.

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Food and pharmaceutical industries

Smartlift multi lifters are suitable in many industries; from the pharmaceutical and food industries to heavier industries like steel and wind turbine production. In the pharmaceutical industry, they ensure safe and precise handling of sensitive materials, while in the food sector, including dairies, they contribute to efficient and hygienic handling of products and production equipment.

Aerospace and Steel Industries, Construction, and Storage

In the steel industry, they support the handling of heavy materials, and in the wind turbine industry, they are indispensable for the precise placement of large components. Similarly, they are crucial in the aerospace industry for careful and safe handling of aircraft parts. In the construction industry, workshops, and factories, they offer a versatile solution for a wide range of lifting tasks.

Their compact design and silent operation make them ideal for use in warehouse and logistics operations, where space is limited, and noise levels must be kept down. Their versatility and flexibility make them a valuable resource in a wide range of sectors.

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Find the multi lifter that best suits the needs of your workplace. In our product range, you will find a wide variety of models, each designed to facilitate work. Customize the individual models with the desired additional equipment and get a total price – with no obligation.

If you wish to purchase a multi lifter but need help choosing the right one, feel free to contact our advisors.

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