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Lifting equipment for smart working

Work smarter with lifting equipment from Smartlift. Our window lifters, vacuum lifters, and multi lifters enhance productivity and safety at workplaces worldwide. Contact us for professional advice on choosing the lifter that best suits your needs.

Lifting equipment for construction and industry

Smartlift makes heavy lifting easy

With Smartlift's lifting equipment, you avoid costly accidents during work because you always have full control over the material being lifted. Smartlift is extremely user-friendly, making it easy to train both new and existing employees in handling heavy lifts in construction as well as in the industry. Our lifting equipment allows for the safe lifting of heavy materials, making the process more efficient without wearing out employees.

All machines are electric and therefore emission-free. With only 8 hours of charging, they are ready for a 10-hour workday. Smartlift lifting equipment are ideal for both indoor and outdoor use, and with a Smartlift on your team, you can say yes to more and larger projects while adhering to both your schedule and budget.

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How Smartlift Makes Your Work Easier

User-friendly lifting equipment for the quality-conscious

Preferred by professionals

Our mission is to revolutionize lifting and assembly work by increasing efficiency and quality, without compromising employee safety. That is why Smartlift is known to be the safe choice among professionals worldwide.

Lifting equipment with intelligent vacuum technology

You can find our vacuum lifters both inside and outside on construction sites around the world. Smartlift is driving on electricity, and the intelligent vacuum technology ensures a good grip on glass, stone, and metal when it needs to be lifted, moved, and installed. In close collaboration with professional craftsmen, we have developed the lifting technique Smartlift is known for today.

Multifunctional Lifters for Production and Industry

Multi lifters from Smartlift are used in several different industries; from the pharmaceutical and food industries to heavier industries such as steel and wind turbine production. In the pharmaceutical industry, multi lifters ensure safe and precise handling of sensitive materials, while in the food sector, they contribute to efficient and hygienic handling of products and production equipment.

Our Smartlift models
Danish quality and craftsmanship

Developed and produced in Denmark

We emphasize good craftsmanship and high quality. By using local and Danish subcontractors, we ensure a high standard for our products. This close geographical proximity to our partners gives us full control over the entire production process. At Smartlift we are proud to be able to deliver a Danish quality product that makes a difference for our customers' business and work environment.

Regular service of a Smartlift is a good investment in operational reliability, economy, and safety for users, and it ensures you many years of stable work performance. Availability is key, which is why you can easily find a service center near you.

We find that our know-how and flexibility make us the easy choice when professional companies invest in lifting equipment. Get help choosing the right equipment. Contact us today and take the first step towards increasing safety and efficiency in your business.

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