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Smartlifts with vacuum technology

Electric vacuum lifters from Smartlift combine user-friendliness and optimise workflows on construction sites and in industry. The self-propelled machines are ideal for the efficient handling of heavy materials such as glass, metal sheets, stone, and wood. Approved by our customers for heavy lifting and precise installation in the construction and civil engineering sector, industrial production, and logistics.

Smartlift makes heavy lifting easy!

Unmatched lifting power in every environment

Material handling equipment with vacuum technology 

At Smartlift, we're more than just vacuum lifters; we're your partners in fostering a safer and more efficient work environment. Our 100% emission-free, electric-powered lifting equipment is meticulously designed to be both mobile and versatile, making them perfect for varied settings, whether indoor or outdoor. 

A legacy of lifting excellence

Since our inception in 2008, Smartlift has been enhancing workplace safety across construction and industrial sectors. Investing in our technology means investing in your company's future—safeguarding your employees and streamlining your processes.

Navigate with ease, lift with confidence  

Our indoor models are engineered to be agile, effortlessly moving through narrow doorways, while our outdoor models excel in rugged terrain. Some of our vacuum lifters robustly handle heavy materials up to 1000 kg, proving that no job is too big for Smartlift. 

Advanced vacuum technology for secure handling  

Smartlift's cutting-edge vacuum technology ensures a secure and stable grip, significantly reducing the physical strain on your workforce and simultaneously boosting operational efficiency. With Smartlift, installing heavy materials like glass, metal, and stone becomes an easy task of precision and safety. 

Choose Smartlift: Elevate your business to new heights  

Embrace the next level of project ambition with Smartlift and transform the way you handle heavy lifting. Explore how our solutions can meet your specific needs, from buying a Smartlift to finding the ultimate glass lifter or managing heavy metal and stone with ease. 

A secure investment

Calculate the return on investment your Smartlift

When you invest in an electric vacuum lifter from Smartlift, you not only optimize your workforce. It also reflects positively on your bottom line. A Smartlift enhances work efficiency by reducing the time and labor required to handle heavy materials such as glass, metal sheets, stone, and wood. This reduces costs associated with manual handling and potential workplace injuries, resulting in significant savings over time. By optimizing work processes and minimizing downtime, companies can achieve faster returns on investment, improve productivity, and strengthen their competitive edge.

Under each product, you can calculate the payback period for your investment.

Get a custom price for your custom Smartlift 

When you choose Smartlift, you have the unique opportunity to tailor the design to your specific requirements. Customize your Smartlift to perfectly suit your operational needs and request a non-binding quote. With options ranging from different lifting capacities to various accessory tools, we ensure that your Smartlift is as versatile and effective as possible.

Discover the perfect lifting solution for your business and get a custom Smartlift price. 

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