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Large construction projects have unique architecture and functionality. At The New Aalborg University Hospital (NAU), they found a smart solution for installing the windows in collaboration with facade specialists Kai Andersen A/S.



The facade specialists from Kai Andersen A/S are sub-contractors on the hospital construction project. They are busy installing more than 300 multilayer windows each weighing 230-350 kg (550-770 lbs.).

Anders Krogh is installation manager and explains the challenge as follows:

–  Construction projects on this scale are always unique and make special demands of new solutions. 

The facade elements are pre-fabricated at the factory and then installed by being hooked onto consoles at the concrete decks. It is a principle used in other countries in high-rise buildings, and requires a different way of installing the glass.

– In tall buildings it can be a challenge to install the glass using a crane, as there is limited crane capacity in this fast-moving industry. And some of the NAU buildings are so close together that there is no room for a crane and therefore the installation must take place from the inside, says Anders Krogh.

Using a glass robot from Smartlift the team installs each piece of glass within a few minutes.

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Smartlift offers greater flexibility during window installation

Anders Krogh

Anders Krogh

Installation Manager, Kai Andersen A/S

Facade Specialists

Kai Andersen A/S specialises in facade work throughout Denmark as well as in the Faroe Islands, Iceland and Greenland. The NAU project in Aalborg is typical of their work, and the company has also had contracts at Carlsberg City, Wildcat and Ø4 in Aarhus, where materials such as aluminum, stone and glass are mounted as cladding on modern buildings. The company describes itself as a closing contractor and has customers in both the public and private sectors.

– I had my first experience with glass lifts in 2009 when Smart Lift launched its self-propelled electric lifts.

Our employees are satisfied with the functionality and stability of the lifts in day-to-day use. We definitely feel that it makes us more efficient when we use a Smart Lift, Anders Krogh concludes on his way up to see colleagues on the next floor. The window installation is on schedule, and the lifts mean reduced risk of injury and overloading of employees. It will take a good year until all the facades are completed.

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Glazing from the inside

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