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Odense Sports Arena

Odense Sports Arena uses Smartlift SL280 Indoor during the mounting of the 100 kg heavy Lexan windows on the ice hockey rink.


In September 2019 experiences Odense Sports Arena, what must not happen during an ice hockey match between the home team Odense Bulldogs and Herlev Eagles. The puck hits the Lexan window behind the goal and it makes a hole causing the match to stop.

Normally the installation of a window takes 10 minutes for two employees, but after new regulations from Danish Ice Hockey Federation the Lexan windows alongside the ice hockey rinks have doubled in size and weight, which have made the manual installation impossible for the employees at Odense Sports Arena.

The employees have to think fast and creative to replace the new Lexan window weighing 100 kg for the first time, while 700 impatient audiences are watching. After 1 hour and 20 minutes they manage to replace the window with the help of a lift and five employees, and the ice hockey match can begin again.

“A hole in the ice is easy to repair with our ice machine, but a broken window during an ice hockey match is a huge problem. Because the players and the audience are waiting, but also because of the safety. The Lexan window protects the audience for a flying puck”, Kaj Pedersen, Technical Service Manager, explains.

Odense Sports Arena

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After the incident Odense Sports Arena chooses a Smartlift SL280 Indoor for the window installation on the ice hockey rinks. Safety is essential for Odense Sports Arena, when the employees transport and install the Lexan windows on the smooth ice surface. But the Smartlift’s special tires ensures that the lift runs safely and steadily on the ice, and the employees can without problems transport the heavy windows. 

The ice on the rinks is between -5°C and -8°C. The minus degrees don’t affect the Smartlift, which can drive in all kinds of conditions – both in minus and plus degrees. The suction pads are also designed for minus degrees, and the suction pads can retain their suction capacity down to -30°C.


Odense Sports Arena has also chosen the Smartlift SL280 Indoor because of its compacts size and slim frame, which makes it easy to maneuver inside and outside of the ice hockey rinks:

“On the ice hockey rinks there are plenty of space. But outside of the rinks the space is limited with many narrow passageways and corners, so it’s important to us to have a machine that we can maneuver in everywhere. We can easily get around and store the SL280 Indoor”, tells Morten Nielsen, Technical Service Manager.

The Smartlift’s side shift is also a very valuable feature for Odense Sports Arena, when they are maneuvering the windows in limited spaces, but also when they are installing the 100 kg heavy Lexan windows. The windows are installed in 0,5 cm width rails, and the side shift ensures that the windows are installed with extreme precision.

With the Smartlift SL280 Indoor it’s possible for Odense Sports Arena to install the Lexan windows in only 10 minutes by two employees.

I have chosen Smartlift SL280 because of its usability, size, functionalities and not least because it drives easily and safely on the ice

Morten Nielsen

Morten Nielsen

Technical Service, Odense Sports Arena


The Smartlift does all the heavy lifting during the window installation, so the employees at Odense Sports Arena don’t need to manage manual the 100 kg heavy Lexan windows:

“The ergonomics of a Smartlift is fantastic! The Smartlift saves me a lot heavy and difficult lifts, and I can feel that in my back. I want to take of myself, so I can keep working years to come”, explains Morten Nielsen, Technical Service Manager.  

Morten Nielsen is responsible for the Smartlift training of his colleagues, and he feels very confident in his role, because of the glass lifters’ high usability:

“I quickly felt safe and secure in using the Smartlift after training from Smartlift. It’s very easy and intuitive to operate. So I’m confident in training my colleagues”, he tells.

The usability of the Smartlift is crucial for Odense Sport Arena, because it is going to be used by 7 different teams consisting of 2 employees. So it’s important that all of the employees can operate the glass lifter easily.


In addition to the Smartlift Odense Sports Arena has also purchased extra accessories – a lifting hook and a pallet fork. The flexibility of a Smartlift makes it possible to optimize several workflows at Odense Sports Arena, where they maintain many different sport facilities:

“We are really pleased with purchasing the accessories for the Smartlift. We have the opportunity to develop and optimize workflows at Odense Sports Arena in the future”, concludes Kaj Pedersen, Technical Service Manager

We always focus on doing tasks in the smartest and best way. The Smartlift helps us achieve that

Kaj Pedersen

Kaj Pedersen

Technical Service, Odense Sports Arena

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