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Why choose Smartlift for rental?

Smartlift vacuum lifting robots is the solution to a current problem in the glazing and construction sector. Glass has become a key element in modern construction. Dimensions are bigger and weight of the glass has become too much for craftsmen to handle manually. A Smartlift improves safety and efficiency during installation - compared to other methods – even in multi storey buildings.

Rental companies experience little competition in this machine category and therefore substantial higher margins compared to ‘classic’ rental products like powered access machines. Renting out a Smartlift is almost plug-and-play with minimal training needed. Glazing projects stretches over days, weeks or even months depending on the type of construction and the number of windows or façade elements.

Made in Denmark

A Smartlift is a high value product ideal for rental. The quality of a Smartlift and the ease of use means that the operator can start working efficiently from day one and experience limited downtime. The lift design and components are optimized for durability and precision. 

We control the entire supply chain from development to assembly and after-sales service. We deliver spare parts during the entire lifetime of the vacuum lifting robot. By choosing Smartlift you also gain access to the largest range of vacuum lifting robots in the market and the opportunity to customize your robot to fit your exact need. 

5 things to consider

- when investing in vacuum lifting robots

Demand is rapidly increasing as more and more professionals become aware of their obvious advantages: Higher productivity and a safer work environment. But what should you look for before investing?

#1 Look for options

Window installations differ from building to building. Some installations can be handled from the inside while others require outdoor equipment driving on the ground. Construction professionals - like glaziers - expect rental companies to carry an adequate range of vacuum lifting robots. We recommend having a selection of indoor and outdoor models in different sizes and weight capacity.

#2 Choose sturdiness and quality

Unlike robots working in factories, robots and mechanical equipment used in construction need a completely different level of sturdiness. Go for quality and high quality components in the vacumm lifting robots. That means strong metal components and a powder coating to ensure reliable and low maintenance machines that withstand the challenges of a construction site.

#3 Prioritize usability

It is crucial for machine rental companies to give usability top priority. Having over-complicated equipment not only increases the need for time-consuming instructions, it also increases the risk of operating errors. Simplicity and ease of use improves the business case for investment in a new machine. 

#4 Pay attention to service

If you have done your homework right, you will have invested in a sturdy vacuum lifting robot that operates reliably for years. But breakdowns do occur, which can result in lost revenue for the rental company. Make sure your supplier can ship parts quickly and maybe even produces the parts themselves. Favor suppliers with local dealers as they are able to respond far more quickly than a supplier with offices abroad only.

#5 Choose robots that retain value

Rental companies typically resell their equipment after 4 to 5 years of use. So, it is obviously critical for a vacuum lifting robot to retain its value. Look into how much used models are typically sold for. This will give you a good indication of the value is likely to drop.

5 things to consider.

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