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Dynamic lifting equipment for production and industry

Get help with heavy tasks in production and industry. Smartlift lifting equipment is a series of self-propelled electric lifters for any purpose. Smartlift multi-lifters can be used in a wide range of industries to lift, move, rotate, grip, transport, etc., with various tools depending on the task. Our lifters with vacuum technology can help lift large elements with smooth surfaces. 

Better work environment without heavy lifting

Put an End to Wear and Tear 

Heavy lifting in industry and production is not only cumbersome and time-consuming; it also wears on the employees. At Smartlift, our ambition is to eliminate injuries and accidents in workplaces by offering smart lifting equipment that can be used by all employees. This provides better working conditions and, thus, a better work environment. 

Smartlift's multi-lifters can be used in a wide range of industries to lift, move, rotate, grip, transport, etc., with various tools depending on the task. In the construction industry, the vacuum lifter is popular for its safe lifting of heavy materials with smooth surfaces and is becoming increasingly widespread in production and industry. All lifting equipment is user-friendly and does not require employee certification. 

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The most valuable tool of the company

Handles lifting and transport needs in production and industry

A multi-lifter is a compact and self-propelled "colleague" that can lift between 200 and 600 kg. Its many applications allow it to lift, move, rotate, grip, and transport units that are too heavy for an employee.

The various tools of the multi-lifter are easy to change, allowing you to quickly switch between tasks and thus optimize most lifting and transport tasks. The lifter is Danish-designed and produced in collaboration with Smartlift users, ensuring you a user-friendly machine of high quality.

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Easy lifting with Vacuum Technology

Handle Heavy Materials with Smooth Surfaces

Heavy materials with smooth surfaces don't have to be difficult to lift, move, or mount. A Smartlift lifter with vacuum technology makes it easy to streamline tasks in industry and production without compromising employee well-being.

The electric machines are particularly praised for their intuitive design, which makes it easy to train new employees, and their ergonomic standards, which facilitate precision work.

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Learn More About the multi lifter's applications

When a forklift becomes too large

A compact solution for heavy tasks 

Smartlift has become an integral part of many companies with repetitive lifting and moving tasks. Many use forklifts or pallet jacks when heavy goods or irregular materials need to be moved. However, when materials need to be moved across floors, through narrow aisles, or doorways, both forklifts and pallet jacks are too large. With its small chassis and user-friendly controls, Smartlift helps transport heavy materials easily and safely without straining employees. 

Food and Pharmaceutical Industries 

Smartlift multi-lifters are suitable in many industries; from the pharmaceutical and food industries to heavier industries like steel and wind turbine production. In the pharmaceutical industry, they ensure safe and precise handling of sensitive materials, while in the food sector, including dairies, they contribute to efficient and hygienic handling of products and production equipment. 

Aerospace and Steel Industries, Construction, and Warehousing 

In the steel industry, they support the handling of heavy materials, and in the wind turbine industry, they are indispensable for the precise placement of large components. Similarly, they are crucial in the aerospace industry for careful and safe handling of aircraft parts. In the construction industry, workshops, and factories, they offer a versatile solution for a wide range of lifting tasks. 

Their compact design and silent operation make them ideal for use in warehousing and logistics operations where space is limited, and noise levels must be kept low. Their versatility and flexibility make them a valuable resource in a broad range of sectors. 

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Find the vacuum or multi-lifter that best suits the needs of your workplace. In our product range, you will find a wide variety of models, each helping to ease the workload. Customize the individual models with the desired accessories and get a total price – completely non-binding. 

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Aluminum structure easily moved by a single employee

Smartlift multi lifter in use
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