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With a vacuum lifter from Smartlift, you get safe lifting and efficient installation of marble, granite, steel, building materials, and much more. Check out our selection of vacuum lifters and learn more about the tasks Smartlift can help you with as your trusted cobot on the worksite.

Safe Lifting and Installation

A long-term investment

Vacuum lifters from Smartlift make lifting and installation safer and more efficient. The reliable vacuum technology ensures a firm and safe grip without scratching or damage. The indoor vacuum lifters are known for their compact size and narrow chassis, which can assist with challenging lifts in tight spaces. They can pass through doorways, turn in narrow spaces, and transport heavy and unwieldy items along the way. They are, of course, available with white tires that do not leave marks.

Even in uneven terrain, you get safe transport of fragile and heavy elements with the outdoor series of vacuum lifters. During installation, you have control right at your fingertips, as you can easily and precisely adjust using the remote control.

With a Smartlift, it's easy to install safely and precisely without straining the physical health of your employees. It is much faster, and you can take on more and larger projects with a Smartlift on your team.

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Installing a marble countertop

Safe Installation with vacuum lifters

Reliable grip, lift, and installation

Reduce the amount of heavy lifting and save valuable time when you streamline the installation of heavy items with a Smartlift. A Smartlift utilizes vacuum technology that ensures a reliable grip, lift, and installation. Our lifts are used for installing everything from heavy countertops, marble to fireplaces, insulation elements, but are also known for reliable installation of glass and windows.

The vacuum system ensures a reliable and safe grip, leaving no traces after handling. The vacuum lifter comes with standard vacuum suction cups for lifting on smooth surfaces, and you can purchase suction cups for curved surfaces and SPK suction cups for more rough surfaces. The maximum lifting capacity ranges from 200 kg to 1000 kg depending on the machine you choose. There is a remote control with all models, except for the SL 208, which is controlled with a joystick. For most models, you can also buy a wireless remote control, so you can get up close to the installation and ensure maximum precision.

Smartlift is not just a helping hand but a partner on your team, guaranteeing efficiency, safety, and reliability. Whether it's about installing granite, marble, aluminum, or other heavy materials with smooth surfaces, a vacuum lifter from Smartlift can help safely complete the project.

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Installing Paroc Panels weighing 220 lbs


Aluminum structure easily moved by a single employee

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Reduces the number of accidents

Losing a marble countertop or a large granite tile can be an expensive ordeal. Vacuum lifters from Smartlift ensure that your materials are under control throughout the installation.

An investment in the company and the environment

With a Smartlift, you avoid exhaust gases at the workplace – both indoors and outdoors. All our models are electric, which is good for both the environment and the employees.

Easy to use

The vacuum lifters are very user-friendly and make it easy to train both existing and new employees, so they can get help with the heavy lifting during installation work.

A signal of quality

When you invest in environmentally friendly machines that make work easier for your employees, you send a signal that your company is dedicated to quality-conscious decisions.

One machine – Many functions

A Smartlift with vacuum technology can be used not only for stone and metal but also for windows and glass. Install large glass panes or windows, both indoors and outdoors, with a Smartlift.

A long-term investment

A vacuum lifter from Smartlift is an investment in your projects, employees, and the company's reputation. From an economic perspective, your Smartlift can save an employee and has a payback time of as little as 7 months.

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