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Work faster without any heavy lifting

Your new best buddy

Having a Smartlift on your team is about much more than just heavy lifting and installing at a higher pace. Labour shortage is a fact in today’s construction and finding skilled people is not easy. A glazing robot will not only compensate for the need for more glaziers, it will also optimize workflow when one or two people is all it takes installing even the largest sheets of glass.

Indoor and outdoor line

Smartlift has the largest range of glazing robots in the market divided into an indoor and outdoor line. We realize that designing the glazing robot for a certain environment offers possibilities for better use and value over time.

Our indoor range is characterized by having rear wheel drive and a small turning radius. The narrow width of the body allows the lifts to work in very limited spaces and pass through narrow corridors. Despite the compact size, our indoor range does not compromise on lifting capacity or precision.

The outdoor range has a front wheel drive and wide, puncture proof tires for safer transport in rugged terrain. The transmission and electronic brakes surpass most obstacles and increases. They are also IP65 approved against rain and dust. 

Not like the others

When you buy a Smartlift you also get the freedom to choose. Customize your glass robot with a number of options from the factory. Key switch, extended reach and rotating yoke are just some of the options - then add accessories for wider use of the glass robot. Our knowhow and production facility is your guarantee for maximum performance and value during the entire lifetime of the lift.

Work faster without any heavy lifting.
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Glazing from the inside

Glazing from the inside.

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