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Efficiency and flexibility

Huge gains by glazing inside-out

The facade specialists from Kai Andersen A/S are sub-contractors on the hospital construction project. They are busy installing more than 300 multilayer windows each weighing 230-350 kg (550-770 lbs.).

Anders Krogh is installation manager and explains the challenge as follows:

–  Construction projects on this scale are always unique and make special demands of new solutions. 

– The facade elements are pre-fabricated at the factory and then installed by being hooked onto consoles at the concrete decks. It is a principle used in other countries in high-rise buildings, and requires a different way of installing the glass.

– In tall buildings it can be a challenge to install the glass using a crane, as there is limited crane capacity in this fast-moving industry. And some of the NAU buildings are so close together that there is no room for a crane and therefore the installation must take place from the inside, says Anders Krogh.

Using a glass robot from Smartlift the team installs each piece of glass within a few minutes - safe and efficient. 

Read the full story below (PDF).

Huge gains by glazing inside-out.
Case video

Glazing inside-out

Glazing inside-out.

Project facts

InstallationAvg. 5 min. per window
End resultFinished months ahead of plan
Weight per window unitAvg. 300 kg / 660 lbs.
Project size170.000 m² (1.8 million sq. ft.)

Glazing from the inside

TestimonialSmartlift offers greater flexibility during window installation
Anders Krogh

Anders Krogh
Installation Manager at Kai Andersen A/S

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