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Glass-lifting robots - made in Denmark

Company DNA

Our vision: We want to revolutionize the way glass is installed and improve safety and productivity for people and businesses. For more than 12 years, our hearts and minds have been dedicated to making the best possible glass-lifting robots for professionals.

Customers first

We accommodate special needs for customization of our glass robots and lifting devices so you get the most out of your Smartlift. A wide model range, factory options and large selection of accessories are just some of the possibilities you get. Customer satisfaction and loyalty is important to us and characterize the way we do business. 

Full supply chain

Smartlift controls the entire supply chain, which covers the flow from development to purchasing and assembly of our lifting devices at our factory in Denmark. This provides us with the knowhow, flexibility and speed needed to act quickly, meeting customer needs for customized solutions.

After sales

However, it does not end there. We know the value of swift after-sales support and service so you can continue working without interruption. You never risk missing a spare part or experience costly downtime owning a Smartlift. We monitor performance on a number of key service indicators. Successful delivery rate is one parameter that we monitor closely: 99% of all orders for spare parts received before 12 AM CET are shipped the same day.

Strong owner group

Backed by a professional group of owners and board we push ourselves constantly to challenge the status quo. Therefore we are proud to have achieved a sound AAA credit rating and stand geared towards continuous growth and investments in the years to come.

Company mottoLuck occurs, when the prepared meets the opportunity
Jacob Libach Nielsen

Jacob Libach Nielsen

Factory images

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Spare parts95% shipped same day
Production time24-40 hrs. per lift
Lift delivery time2 weeks avg.

World wide revolution

We are proud of our customer and distributor base located all over the world. Join the glazing revolution now and improve the working environment and productivity in construction.

World wide revolution.

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