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Electric glass manipulator

Reach even higher

Attach the SL400 RT SkyLifter on to a telescopic loader using our quick release adaptor. This solution is ideal for buildings where installation is under overhangs or at oblique angles. The Sky Lifter can rotate 350 degrees without stop using the attached turning head. The rotation is a great advantage during the window installation, because it gives great flexibility

The SkyLifter is a radio-controlled electric glass manipulator without any limitation to working height. Only the parent machine limits working height. Maximum load of the SL400 RT is 400 kg (880 lbs.) in the full working area without compromising on precision. 

The SL400 RT has a wireless radio control unit. Therefore, the operator of the SL400 RT can position him- or herself close by the window to have a detailed overview of the installation process.


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SL400 RT SkyLifter

SL400 Sky Lifter

Electric glass manipulator

Renovation of appartment building

Installing windows using a Manitou loader

Installing windows using a Manitou loader.

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