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SLI 1009

The Smartlift SLI 1009 is the most powerful in Smartlift's series of multi lifters, designed to handle even the most demanding tasks with precision and efficiency. This model can lift up to 1000 kg and reach a height of 410 cm, making it ideal for a wide range of industrial applications. With a double extension of the arm at 2 x 83 cm, the SLI 1009 offers exceptional reach and flexibility, and its wireless remote control ensures that tasks can be performed with complete precision. Powered by a rechargeable battery, this multi lifter can work up to 10 hours, reducing the need for frequent recharges. The SLI 1009 is an indispensable partner in many industries, from manufacturing, warehousing, to heavy industry, and its compact, nearly silent design makes it ideal for use in both tight and noise-sensitive areas. Made in Denmark, it guarantees the highest quality and minimal maintenance, ensuring a long lifespan and reliability.

Up to

1000 kg

Lifting height

435 cm

Arm Extension

166 cm

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SLI 1009

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Technical Specifications

SLI 1009

Lifting cap1000 kg
Lifting cap (extended boom)280 kg
Lifting height435 cm
Curb weight1410 kg
Sideshift10 cm
Width102 cm
Transport length283 cm
Transport height157 cm
Driving speed6 km/h
Charging time (hours)8
Operating time (hours)10
Drive wheelsFront wheel
1. extension of arm83 cm
2. extension of arm83 cm

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