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SL 1009

The SL 1009 Outdoor is the largest glass lifter in the Smartlift range. It is equipped with a proportional hydraulic system that enables the operator to have precise control over the arm and yoke. The controls allow for small adjustments, resulting in corresponding small movements of the yoke and arm. This feature instills confidence when handling large glass elements. The wireless remote unit provides freedom of movement during installation, allowing for a better view of the surroundings. Additionally, a built-in display provides an overview of the battery status, vacuum level, and actual load strain. This is particularly useful when working with heavy elements where safety is of utmost importance.

Up to

1000 kg

Lifting height

465 cm

Arm Extension

166 cm

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SL 1009

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Technical Specifications

SL 1009

Lifting cap1000 kg
Lifting cap (extended boom)280 kg
Lifting height4650 mm
Curb weight1480 kg
Sideshift100 mm
Rotation (hydraulic)90 °
Width1020 mm
Transport length2830 mm
Transport height1570 mm
Driving speed6 km/h
Charging time (hours)10
Operating time (hours)8
Drive wheelsFront wheels
1. extension of arm830 mm
2. extension of arm830 mm

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