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The construction industry is challenged by a heavy workload while trying to prevent injuries and employee attrition. In a large, multistorey residential project, glaziers found a way of improving working environment and increasing work efficiency.

Safe and efficient


The company JHS BYG ApS has a contract in a large apartment building with 95 apartments at the waterfront in Aalborg, Denmark. The project contains no less than 489 windows spread over 12 floors, and carpenter Christian­ Thorhauge is one of the more experienced tradesmen on the team.


Christian uses a small glass robot inside one of the apartments, which is being completed with windows, floors, partitions and kitchen. During construction there is little room for maneuvering in hallways and rooms, so it is ­important that the lift is compact and can maneuvre in very ­limited space.

– I've been using the robot for almost six months and it was easy ­to operate from the start, says Christian, as he prepares the next window in the apartment.

– Right now, I'm working alone installing glass weighing up to 175 kg, while the other guys are occupied doing other tasks on this floor. I'm completely free from heavy lifting and I can manage installing up to 16 windows in a day, while the contract states 8 windows a day on average, Christian continues.


Using a selfpropelled glass robot for glazing from the inside removes risk of dealys due to bad weather and strong winds. Glazing the old fashioned way using a large crane truck outside the building becomes difficult already at wind speed of 5 meters per second.

Glazing robots provide a better working environment and greater efficiency

Jacob H. Sørensen

Jacob H. Sørensen

Owner, JHS BYG ApS,

Reduce the risk of injuries and fatigue

Jacob Hald Sørensen is responsible for a total of 35 men, divided between three projects. Since 2007, the company has worked with different tasks ranging from renovation and facade projects to inventory and smaller carpentry tasks.

– The working environment is important, and when it comes to facades and glass, progress is fast today. For example, windows in the city centre must now be soundproof, which increases the thickness and weight of the windows. We use glazing robots because it takes a lot of the strain out of the assembly work. We have two different models from Smartlift that fit well with the tasks we work with. A powerful lift for outdoor installations that can also drive in terrain – and then a compact model that manoeuvres in small spaces indoors and still handles many kilos.

Good equipment offers greater value

JHS BYG has evolved from being a one man operation, who first undertook ventilation assignments, to now being able to undertake larger contracts that last several months. This means that the company has accumulated a great deal of project experience within the main areas of carpentry and ventilation.

– When we got the carpentry contract at the East Harbor, which has 489 windows, it was obvious to consider using a glazing robot on the project. We considered both rental and purchase. In this case, we decided to buy, and we looked at a few different brands, Jacob explains. It became clear that Smartlift was the best option measured on product quality and sparring during the process. For us it is very important that the lifts are both durable and backed up with service and support, so they run continuously and we keep to the time schedule, Jacob concludes.

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