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Deutsche Bahn, Krefeld

In the pursuit of excellence, Deutsche Bahn identified a need at their Krefeld maintenance plant: the ergonomic and precise installation of new, innovative window elements. This task not only required the dismantling of old windows but demanded a solution that could ensure millimeter precision in the installation of new ones, all while maintaining the highest standards of ergonomics for the workforce involved.

Smartlift SL 409 HLE RT

Elevating Precision and Ergonomics

Smartlift stepped in with the SL 409 HLE RT to meet these specific needs. Tomasz Wichert from Smartlift worked closely with Deutsche Bahn to ensure the solution was perfectly aligned with their requirements. The SL 409 HLE RT promised to transform the window installation process by combining precision with an ergonomic design that minimized physical strain on workers.


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Significant reduction in physical strain

The implementation of the Smartlift SL 409 HLE RT at the Krefeld maintenance plant was a game-changer. The machine's precision and ease of use enabled the Deutsche Bahn team to achieve their goals, surpassing expectations in both the quality of installation and the improvement of workplace ergonomics.

Frank Grubert, reflecting on the collaboration with Smartlift, shared his enthusiasm for the results:

"We were truly impressed with the swift and professional consultation provided by Mr. Wichert from Smartlift. The solution to our challenges was addressed with an uncomplicated and efficient process, leading to the implementation of the SL 409 HLE RT. Our employees are not only enthusiastic about the machine's performance but also about the significant reduction in physical strain. The SL 409 HLE RT has been a perfect fit for our needs."

Work smarter

The success story at Deutsche Bahn's Krefeld maintenance plant is a clear indicator of the potential benefits of integrating Smartlift's innovative solutions into maintenance and installation processes. It highlights the importance of ergonomic considerations in the workplace and showcases how technology can be leveraged to enhance both efficiency and employee well-being.

This case story serves as a beacon for industries aiming to improve ergonomics and precision in their operations. The partnership between Deutsche Bahn and Smartlift is a testament to the power of innovation, expert advice, and the right tools in transforming the workplace and setting new benchmarks for quality and efficiency.

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