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Almexa A/S

At Almexa A/S in Ryslinge on Funen, a forklift has been retired, and today the company's eight CNC milling machines are fed with aluminum parts and a tight production schedule is followed with the help of a multilift. An efficient and safe solution that makes the workday easier for Almexa's employees.



Almexa A/S is a Danish company with 20 years of experience in advanced processing of aluminum components, which they deliver to international customers worldwide.

Great expertise and production of quality components characterize Almexa A/S, and their products are used in robotics, aerospace, and the defense industry - high-tech industries where precision and quality are crucial.

Ergonomic and safe solution

Accuracy and efficiency are not opposites

In their production, Almexa handles heavy parts, typically around 190 lb, which need to go into CNC milling machines. Until recently, they used a forklift with a mounted arm for this purpose. This setup was not optimal, as the forklift was too large and cumbersome for the task, making the work process more difficult and less safe.

With eight CNC milling machines and a continuous production schedule, there was a need for a more efficient and ergonomic solution to improve both safety and efficiency.



How can Smartlift help us?

Almexa contacted Smartlift to explore alternatives. We arranged a visit to demonstrate our SLI 250 Multilift.

After the demonstration, Almexa was convinced that Smartlift is a very good and easy solution for placing parts precisely, and therefore they decided to purchase an SLI 250. This model can lift up to 550 lb and reach a height of 128 in. With a standard hook and a remote control for precise placement, they now have an optimal solution for their specific needs.

No forklift certification is needed for a Smartlift, and it works efficiently all day on a single charge – easy and flexible.

SLI 250 is now part of the team

Almexa now uses their Smartlift SLI 250 daily to handle heavy parts, increase work safety, and improve the overall production process. This investment has not only made the work easier but also increased the precision and efficiency in their daily operations.

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