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Section 179 Tax Deduction

Buying a Smartlift with Section 179 Tax Deduction offers immediate expensing, reduces taxable income, boosts cash flow, and facilitates investment in efficient, advanced lifting technology for your business.
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Save 35% on your new Smartlift

If you buy a Smartlift at $49,900 you can save up to 35% - it doesn't get any cheaper than that. After you have saved 35% you'll also benefit from great financing opportunities.

Check out this example for your new Smartlift:

$49,900 Smartlift purchase - 35% ($17,465) in tax savings = $32,435 actual realized costs.

  • Equipment cost: $49,900

  • Section 179 Deduction: $49,900 (off gross income)

  • Bonus 80% Depreciation Deduction: $0

  • Total 1st Year Deduction: $49,900

  • Tax Savings on Purchase (35% Tax Bracket): $17,465 in actual savings

  • Net Cost of Equipment: $32,435

How does the Section 179 Tax Deduction work?

A business shows year end income of $100,000.00.  Prior to paying taxes on this amount of income, the business owner can deduct, in this case, $49,900 from the total income and only pay taxes on the balance.  

So if your business' annual taxable income for 2023 is $100,000.00 you should pay 35% tax which is $35,000.00.

But if you buy a Smartlift for $49,900, you deduct this purchase from your taxable income.

$50,100 taxable income at 35% is now $17,353.00 or $17,465.00 less than the above.

Add to that our attractive financing and immediate delivery.

The financial calculation presented is intended as an example only. We highly encourage you to seek financial advice from a qualified professional. At Smartlift, we are committed to providing customized calculations that align closely with your unique situation and goals. Please do not hesitate to contact us for a financial offering tailored to your project.

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