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Smarter factory lifting

Flexible handling of heavy elements

‘Nothing is impossible’

– is the motto at Dansk Boligstål.

 In practice, this means that a kitchen counter top can be designed exactly according to the custo­mer’s wishes or that all elements of a ship’s kitchen are designed according to special dimensions and produced and assembled by the company’s own employees. 

A focus on quality

The high degree of adaptation of the products makes the production flow different with varying space and material requirements. It requires change and places demands on em­ployees and the tools used on the factory floor – without compromising on quality. 

Lars Hoffmann Larsen is production director and explains: - The high quality level means that the weight of the raw materials is a daily challenge for employees who handle boards in 5–20 mm thickness with lengths of up to several meters. An exercise that is practically impossible without the right tools.

Customised lifts

The company uses two vacuum lifts from Smartlift. The large stainless steel sheets for kitchens are hand­led by a specially adapted vacuum lift with ­extended traverse for greater grip width. 
The lifting arm has extended pull-out for longer reach and the yoke is specially adapted so that the plates can be angled horizontally when lifted from the stack for processing in the machines.

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Flexible handling of heavy elements.
TestimonialSmartlift provides greater efficiency and a better working environment in production
Lars Hoffmann Larsen

Lars Hoffmann Larsen
Production Manager


Factory impressions

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