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Small glass robot makes a huge difference

The company JHS BYG ApS has a contract in a large apartment building with 95 apartments at the waterfront in Aalborg, Denmark. The project contains no less than 489 windows spread over 12 floors, and carpenter Christian­ Thorhauge is one of the more experienced tradesmen on the team.

Christian uses a small glass robot inside one of the apartments, which is being completed with windows, floors, partitions and kitchen. During construction there is little room for maneuvering in hallways and rooms, so it is ­important that the lift is compact and can maneuvre in very ­limited space.

– I've been using the robot for almost six months and it was easy ­to operate from the start, says Christian, as he prepares the next window in the apartment.

– Right now, I'm working alone installing glass weighing up to 175 kg, while the other guys are occupied doing other tasks on this floor. I'm completely free from heavy lifting and I can manage installing up to 16 windows in a day, while the contract states 8 windows a day on average, Christian continues.

Reduce the risk of delay

Using a selfpropelled glass robot for glazing from the inside removes risk of dealys due to bad weather and strong winds. Glazing the old fashioned way using a large crane truck outside the building becomes difficult already at wind speed of 5 meters per second.

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Small glass robot makes a huge difference.

Project facts

Efficiency improvement100%
Number of windows489
Weight per window unit175 kg / 385 lbs.
Number of floors12

Glazing high-rise buildings

TestimonialGlazing robots provide a better working environment and greater efficiency
Jacob H. Sørensen

Jacob H. Sørensen
Owner of JHS BYG ApS

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