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Product description

Proportional hydraulics

This glass robot features a proportional hydraulic system that enables the operator to control the arm with extreme precision - even with a heavy load. Proportional means that adjustments of the controls trigger similar movements of the yoke and arm.

The SL808 is ready to take on a wide range of tasks from lifting heavy window sections to installing exterior facade elements from inside.

Large window sections are installed easily and precisely using the multifunctional, rotary yoke. A wireless remote controls all yoke and arm movements and makes it possible for the operator to move around the lift during installation.

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    Lifting height440 cm / 173 in.
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    Extension of arm166 cm / 66 in.
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    Side shift10cm. / 4 in.
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Factory options

This glass robot almost has it all. Just add an electric key switch or special color for the final touch.

Factory options.

SL808 Outdoor

Glazing inside-out

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Outdoor range

Built for the outdoors

The outdoor series is built for driving in terrain using a powerful front wheel drive system. Inclination is not a problem and the lifts are resistant to moisture and dust. The wide and puncture proof tires prevents accidents and provides a safe transport carrying heavy elements.

Smartlift also provides a large selection of accessories. Lift anything from curved glass to pallets and heavy doors using original Smartlift accessories. Consult our experts for advice on your next project.