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Product description

Powerful and compact glass robot

Our most powerful glass robot of the Indoor range. It handles more than half a ton. Built for working indoors it handles large sheets of glass, heavy doors or panels with extreme precision.

The rear-wheel drive makes the lift very maneuverable in areas with limited space. The SL580 is a prime candidate also for industrial use.

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    Lifting capacity580 kg / 1280 lbs
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    Lifting height240 cm / 94 in
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    Our most powerful glass robot for indoor glazing
Build your Smartlift

Factory options

Manual extension of the arm
​Electrical extension of the arm
Electrical rotating yoke
Single Gyro
Electric key switch
White, non-marking tires
Special Color
Wireless remote

Factory options.

SL580 Indoor

Indoor line

Designed for indoor glazing

Smartlift has a wide range of glass robots specifically for indoor use. The narrow width of the chassis and the rear wheel drive allows the lifts to maneuver in limited space.. Despite the compact size, the indoor range does not compromise on neither lifting capacity nor precision. 

Smartlift also offers a large selection of accessories for the indoor range. Handle pallets, heavy doors, Paroc panels and curved glass safely using a Smartlift.

Please consult our experts for advice on the right solution for your next project.

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