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Versatile glass robot

This is the entry level to the Outdoor line from Smartlift. The SL 408 Outdoor covers a wide range of installation projects. Choose the High Lifter version for extended reach and then add the options you need for further customization.

The secret of the SL 408 Outdoor is the versatility of glazing outdoors and if needed move inside a building, due to the compact size, to continue work indoors.


  • SL408 Outdoor
  • SL408 Outdoor High Lifter
  • SL408 Outdoor High Lifter Rotation
  • SL408 Outdoor High Lifter Electric
  • SL408 Outdoor High Lifter Electric Rotation

The combination of power, size and options makes SL 408 Outdoor series a smart choice for many glazing professionals. It also features sideway shifting up to 10 cm (4 in.) for higher flexibility during installation. 


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    Extension of armUp to 120 cm / 48 in.
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    Lifting heightUp to 370 cm / 145 in.
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    Glazing outdoor and indoor
Build your Smartlift

Factory options

Rotating yoke
Electrical extension of the arm
Manual extension of the arm
Single Gyro
Electric key switch
White, non-marking tires
Special Color
Wireless remote

Factory options.

SL408 Outdoor High Lifter

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Outdoor line

Rugged and versatile

The SL 408 Outdoor is built for driving in terrain using a powerful front-wheel drive system. Inclination is not a problem and the lifts are, naturally, resistant to weather and temperature conditions. The outdoor series has the most powerful and advanced glazing robots in our offering, ready to take on a wide range of tasks from lifting heavy window sections to exterior facade elements at great height. The wide and puncture proof tires keep you working on all surfaces.

Smartlift also provides a large selection of accessories. Lift anything from curved glass to pallets and heavy doors using original Smartlift accessories. Consult our experts for advice on your next project.