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1. What are cookies?

A cookie is a small text file stored on your computer or other device. Cookies are not applications and do not contain viruses or other malicious codes.Cookies serve to store specific information about the users and behaviour. We use these data to improve the website.

2. Can I avoid the use of cookies on the website?

It is required by EU law that we inform you of the cookies we use on this website and you must accept in order to use our site. Therefore you can not access our site without accepting cookies.

3. How can I delete cookies?

You can delete cookies in your browser settings at any time. Different web browsers can use different methods for handling cookies. You can find help either in the browser settings or on the web browser manufacturers' websites. 

4. Additional information and right to appeal

If you have questions about the website's use of cookies, or you need further information, you can contact:
Smartlift A/S at

5. Which cookies are used by this website and why?

Here you get an overview of the cookies we use. The list is generated automatically.


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