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Join the glazing revolution

Join the glazing revolution.
Smartlift glass lifters

The safe choice

Having a Smartlift on your team will make you work faster and safer. Minimize the risk of injuries from heavy lifting and work faster at the same time - indoor and outdoor.

In high-rise projects, you will experience considerable savings compared to using a large crane outside the building. Simply install from the inside and optimize logistics by placing the glass on each floor during initial construction.

Expect more

At Smartlift, we believe that hard work and new ideas combined can drive technology and improve the way that people work. We are committed to push the boundries within vacuum lifting technology and make the best possible glass lifters within the industry. Every component in a Smartlift is carefully selected to ensure maximum precision, reliability and usability. 

At our factory in Denmark, we have full control of the entire supply chain and assembly processes. Therefore, we have the knowhow, flexibility and capability to act quickly and meet customer require­ments. We know the value of swift and precise after-sales support and service so when you own a Smartlift, you NEVER work alone.

The safe choice.
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