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Vacuum lift do all the heavy lifting

The construction of the new super hospital NAU in Aalborg, Denmark, is in full swing. The facades are ready with new windows, and, now, the time has come to the interior of the buildings. 27 large ventilation shafts are waiting to be sealed off using Paroc panels as ventilation walls.

A team of tradesmen from Breinholt Service & Montage Aps is working on establishing the ventilation shafts that are to ensure proper ventilation at the new super hospital.

The challenge is how to handle the PAROC panels, with a length of more than four meters (13 ft), are too big to handle manually. The team uses a SL 608 High Lifter with rotating yoke to handle and position the panels thereby avoiding putting too much strain on the body - and reduce the risk of material damage.

The vacuum robot makes a very controlled handling of the panels as well as precision during the final mounting. This reduces the risk of material damage to panels and moldings significantly. The lift is equipped with SPK special suction cups which are suitable for Paroc panels.

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Vacuum lift do all the heavy lifting.
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Paroc panels for ventilation shafts

Paroc panels for ventilation shafts.

Project facts

Paroc panels4 meter long (13 ft.)
Panel weightApprox. 100 kg (220 lbs.)
Ressources neededTwo people and one Smartlift
Smartlift productSL608 Outdoor HL RT

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TestimonialWithout a vacuum lift for the job, the team would be completely worn out by the end of the day.
Johan Eskerod

Johan Eskerod
Service Engineer

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